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▼ We can stop Corona | Electronicist wanted ! Spread the word
Corona spreads through tiny saliva particles emitted by someone who is infected. If these micro drops come into direct contact with a person's face, it is also infected, but even
if the infection takes place via the hands, someone can become infected. This is only possible if the person who has the virus infection on his hands touches his or her face and as a result brings the virus material to the eyes, nose or mouth. If someone does not touch his face and the hands are washed, the person will not get sick.

Help me find a way to prevent people from touching their faces with electronics. This is possible, but I don't know how to do this. Help me and visit if you know a way to make these electronics. If you cannot, spread this message so that he reaches someone who can.

Share your thoughts with me via info @ the website I made for this . com

My sincere thanks,
Brian Dragtstra | 3D PrintCreator.
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