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This project can only succeed if as many people as possible have access to the solution offered. We should not only think of the Western world, but also of countries with less good opportunities, countries with a lot of poverty and countries where health care is not so great.

This project can only succeed if all requirements of this project are met. If you don’t want this, because you don’t like it, or because you think there are other solutions, don’t participate. The point is that we come up with a solution without wanting to benefit from it ourselves. So it’s not about your earnings, but about offering a solution for as many people as possible.

Look at the right to the requirements that make this project successful:

Only projects that are finished, tested and considdered working, are going to be listed on this website.
Do not expect me to respond to every email I receive with ideas or suggestions, without a working solution. For this I hope to get too busy with real solutions to reduce the spread of Corona

Project requirements:

  • Think of the simplest possible circuit that can be put together by people with minimal experience
  • Use components that are available in large numbers all over the world. Please note that export items are currently difficult to obtain in some countries
  • If printed circuit boards have to be made, share the files that can be used to do this with different companies all over the world, so that this is not tied to a location.
  • If programming is required (preferably not), make sure the code and programming instructions are clearly defined and shared
  • Share everything you do as a poblic domain so that no rights can be derived from it. You get the credits, but allow others all over the world to manufacture and / or sell your idea at cost price (with no margin).
  • Allow others to use your idea to make any improvements and share them through their own channels and this website


Important note:
I am not a lawyer, and with this website I am not out to make a legally boarded up document before we can really do something about the misery that is now going around the world. I ask anyone looking here, to use your common sense and understand that this is a community driven project, which can only succeed if everyone tries to inhibit the spread of the Corona virus, without any self-interest.