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So you want to know what can be achieved for me with this project, the attention on my video channel and this website?

To be precise, nothing at all. It cost me money to build this website and buy the domain, and I will have to spend time maintaining everything, and for that I don’t want any reward or other compensation at all, because it’s not about me or my wife. We don’t want credits, no compensation, and no honor.

What we do want is to find a solution to the problem that so many people are getting sick so quickly and that hundreds of people die every day from this terrible spread of the virus.

Can you help with that? Please make a circuit that works and that stops people from getting their hands on their faces, so that makes it a little bit less likely to spread the virus. Even if only a few people are saved by this, you, as the maker of your circuit, you have achieved that.

How you want your circuit to go into the world, I leave that to you. If you want to share it on your own website, let me know and I will link to your website. If you want to use this website, let me know and you will get all the space on this website. All I ask of you is to make something that will not benefit you either. Donate your idea to the world and ensure that your idea meets the requirements of this project. If so, all credits are yours, as is the space on this website.

Also look at the requirements of this project.