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My name is Brian Dragtstra

In daily life I own a very small 3D printing company and I am also a store seller of high-end photo and video cameras in a store in the Netherlands.

Like everyone else, I think the Corona virus is scary, and on Tuesday March 24 my wife got extremely stuffy during her work, the next day it happened to me to a much lesser degree. We got all the symptoms of Corona where it remained very mild with me and was more serious with my wife, but in the Netherlands, where we live, only people who are hospitalized are tested and fortunately we are not so bad that this is necessary. We are therefore not diagnosed with Corona, although it is plausible that we have this, according to my wife’s attending doctor.

Through my electronics hobby, I started experimenting with the idea of ​​making a sensor that you can wear as a wearable, which should help warn you when you touch your face. I managed in part to make such a sensor with an ATtiny85 and some other parts, but my circuit is not reliable enough and sometimes does not go off. In addition, the circuit uses too much current. After these tests, I decided that I should not do this search alone, but ask for help through my YouTube channel and my other social networks. Hence this website.

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Sensor board with ATtiny85